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Do you remember the last time someone congratulated you for a job well done? RAK Promotions has been assisting companies recognize their employees in many diverse ways since 1979.

Whether the recognition is for years of service, perfect attendence or even a birthday RAK Promotions can help you implement and administer your company's recognition program.

We are a leader in the field. In 1985 RAK Promotions rolled out the Total Recognition Concept (TRC). The idea behind TRC was to enhance the age old tradition of giving an employee a gold watch at retirement. Instead of focusing on one event in the employee's the Total Recognition Concept recognizes and rewards employees throughout their career.

Total Recognition Concept

Attendance - It is not just the fact that a specific employee did not show up for work. If they are a salaried employee you will pay whether they are there or not, you will pay for their daily replacement, and can you determine what the lack in productivity cost your company for that day.

Birthday Recognition - An excellent way to acknowledge an employees existence while spending very little in doing so.

Customer Service - Falls under your Quality Assurance Program. This is a very important element in any business. These are the employees that have direct contact with your customers, and can destroy a lot of effort by others.

Christmas - Another excellent way to show your employee’s you care.

Lead Generation - New business is new business, without that lead you might have lost that sale.

Productivity - What would your net profits do if you increased your productivity by 1%?

Recruiting - The average cost to train a new hire is $15,000.00, whether they work out or not.

Rideshare - Encourage your employees to carpool.

Safety - The cost of one minimal accident can cost a company their reputation and blow out any budget.

Sales - What would a 10% increase in sales bring in to the company?

Service Awards - Recognizing one's years of Dedicated and Loyal Service is the cornerstone to any recognition program.

Suggestions - Allowing your employees to input their opinions to management helps develop a self pride and existence of self awareness in a large company where they can easily get lost.

Advantages of effective Recognition Programs are:

  • To provide management with a vehicle to recognize ongoing employee dedication and loyalty.
  • To offer employees choices which reflect their personal taste, needs, and changing lifestyles.
  • To acknowledge and reinforce employee commitment.
  • To provide an internally administration free program.
  • To reinforce employee appreciation and dedication.

RAK Promotions Can Help

We will work with your company, large or small, to create or recreate an awards program that will stimulate the whole company.

Call us today for a free evaluation of your awards program.


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